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Healthcare is complicated, but payment can be simple

Technology is the only way to solve for affordability and through our platform, we personalize billing and payment experience to make out of pocket fit in the pocket.

A purpose-driven mission to bring more care to more people using modern technology and the best user experience.

Why we built EasyAspataal?

We are here to reduce the friction between the patient and the hospitals by making the patient journey smooth and getting them the medical
care that they deserve.

How we do it?

We combine AI and Machine learning along with alternate data points to determine the eligibility of the patient and fit in a plan to match his pocket.

Who We Are


Manoj Gupta

CEO & Co-Founder


Gunjali Kothari

CMO & Co-Founder


Ananth Krishnan

Head of Growth


Chirag Gehlot



We are on the mission to radically change how one pays for healthcare through honest and gotcha-free financing

EasyAspataal is making small and mid-sized hospitals smarter with its one-click digital payments infrastructure

Fund Raise — EasyAspataal: A one-stop solution for your hospital needs

Healthtech Startup EasyAspataal Raises INR 4 Cr Investment From Venture Catalysts

[Funding alert] Venture Catalysts leads Rs 4 Cr seed round in healthtech startup EasyAspataal

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