Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS for Hospitals

Can a patient self checkin into my hospital?

Yes your patient can finish all required preadmission formalities before the day of admission.This includes and not limited to
KYC,initial deposit collection, Finance arrangement and Insurance verification.
Idea is to make a patient party to this admission process increasing patient convienence,loyalty and more engaged customer base.

What is hospital onboarding process?

Leave your message and basic details, our team will help you onboard in 10 mins.

Does it require any installation?

No, our platform runs completely on the cloud. No installation or hardware set up required.

What is Digital Insurance?

EasyAspataal is neither a Insurance regulatory or a Insurance broker. If you have an Insurance we assist in getting Pre-Authorisation done digitally for the partnered Hospitals. Incase your Insurance is not covered under Insurance, you still can avail interest free Loan and get your treatment loan through our parterned network of hospital

Can EasyAspataal be integrated with existing systems of Hosptials?

Yes,Integrations with popular PMS, EMR and HIS can be seamlessly done throguhg our APIs so that hosptils deal with only one window. Hospitals have an option to run EasyAspataal application on standalone basis also.

How secured is the platform?

Easyaspataal is 100% HIPPA complaint and data is completely secured.